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the rockhurst honors program offers academically gifted students freedom to pursue their intellectual curiosities within a learning community wherein the challenge of significant learning fosters an awareness of moral and social responsibility.

the honors program seeks motivated students who want to become creatively involved in their own education. it provides opportunities for students to shape their own learning experiences throughout their undergraduate years. besides offering small, discussion-based classes across the curriculum that are specially designed for honors students, opportunities to expand non-honors courses into honors experiences allow honors students the option to explore topics of interest in most any course at greater depth than they are traditionally explored. within the core curriculum, honors courses explore liberal arts and sciences topics through in-depth treatment of challenging content and innovative teaching.

honors students are encouraged to pursue their intellectual curiosity, engage in active learning, develop their critical thinking skills, excel in oral and written expression, and deepen their love of learning. upon graduating form the honors program, students will be equipped to assume leadership roles in a rapidly changing global society.


a key benefit of the honors program is the opportunity to take honors courses that feature small class sizes and offer environments for active learning and discussion. honors options give students the chance to work one-on-one with a professor on a topic of special interest. beyond the classroom, students in the honors program have special permission to register for classes during the first week of pre-registration. also students have access to the honors room, arrupe hall 315, which offers a quiet place to study, relax, or eat lunch. the honors room has several networked computers and a laser printer. for those students who undertake special research projects, the program helps them find conferences to present their work and meet honors students from other universities. when students graduate from the honors program, they receive a special honors designation on their diploma and on their permanent transcript.

the honors program is compatible with any major.

for more information, contact katie clune, ph.d., associate professor of communication, at 816-501-4390. her office is located in arrupe hall, room 207.

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