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What Does the Bible Say About Addiction?

Many patients in Christian drug rehabs often pose a very important question to treatment center pastors. They want to know what the Bible says about addiction. Christian drug rehabs understand that providing scriptural evidence to support a healthy, drug free lifestyle is important to their patients. The following are but two of many passages Christian treatment center pastors offer their patients as direct references to what the Word of God has to say about their condition:

Romans, 13:14: Make no provision for the desires of the flesh. (In this passage, any unhealthy or addictive behavior constitutes a desire of the flesh, because this desire consumes the person and rebels against his or her spiritual desire to serve God alone).

Timothy, 3:3: He must not drink excessively (Here, Timothy is talking about the leaders of the Church. Christian drug rehab pastors assert that any person who knows the Truth must always conduct him or herself as a leader, because non-believers will be apt to judge his or her faith in Christ on his or her actions, rather than words. Drunkenness obviously skews the message of Christ that He alone is all a person needs to feel satisfied).

Additionally, Christian leaders Gerald May and Philip Yancey have much to say about addiction and its destructive nature for the Christian. May states, “addictions make idolaters of us all.” Yancey asserts, “what the old testament calls idolatry, enlightened Westerners call addiction.”

Obviously, May and Yancey agree with drug rehab pastors who attempt on a daily basis to convince their patients that chasing drugs and alcohol opposes God’s will because the addict places the substance ahead of God. The substance, therefore, becomes a “thing that is worshiped.”

For the Christian addict, there should be no confusion as to whom they are serving when they are actively using drugs and alcohol. Treatment Center pastors hope the evidence can overpower many Christians who remain in denial about their substance abuse problem.

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