engineering and computing degree programs

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rockhurst university offers four-year bachelor of science degrees in:

these major concentrations are part of the joint engineering and computing program, a partnership with the university of missouri-kansas city (umkc). students in the program take classes at both the rockhurst and umkc campuses, which are just a short walking distance from each other. the majority of coursework, including math, physics and liberal arts, will be taken at rockhurst, where class sizes are much smaller and allow more personal attention from faculty. specialized engineering and computing courses are taken at the umkc campus. though this is a partnership between rockhurst and umkc, graduates receive a rockhurst degree. this is a four-year program, not a transfer program.

the program offers a liberal arts engineering or computing degree with the close student-faculty connection and small campus feel of a teaching-focused liberal-arts school, and the laboratories, specialized knowledge and resources of a large engineering school.

technically, students of engineering and computing are enrolled at both rockhurst and umkc. students will obtain student id cards for both universities and can take advantage of resources at both, including library and cafeteria access, membership to clubs and more. the details of the program, including course schedules, advising and curriculum, are continuously coordinated by faculty and staff at both institutions. students are assigned academic advisors at both universities. the programs are housed in the department of mathematics and the department of physics at rockhurst.

rockhurst and umkc both have outstanding reputations in academics, student life and graduate success. our program gives you the best of both worlds — a degree that will take you anywhere, built on the foundation of rockhurst's jesuit education.

graduates with these engineering and computer engineering degrees are in high demand. this need, coupled with the foundation of a rockhurst university education, puts you in the driver's seat when choosing where you want to work.

Engineering student Simon Clark discusses his Jesuit education from Rockhurst University.

“i’m often asked why i didn’t just go to umkc. the truth is, given the choice again, i wouldn’t trade my jesuit education for anything. the philosophy and theology courses are the classes that have allowed me to grow in ways which, for so many years, i remained stagnant. my problem-solving, number-crunching brain had to branch out to tackle important questions like, ‘why am i here?’ and ‘how do i become the best i can be?’” — simon clark, ’15


top five reasons to choose our partnership program for engineering education

1. an ideal location. kansas city is the fourth-largest engineering hub in the u.s., with five local firms ranking among the top-50 most successful in the nation.

2. one of a kind. umkc offers the only accredited engineering program in kansas city.

3. jesuit tradition. a rockhurst university education is holistic, preparing you to lead, shape and change the world around you.

4. double the resources. as an engineering or computing student, you have access to academic and student life resources on both campuses.

5. immediate immersion. take engineering or computing courses during your first semester in the program.