• 分析他们使用领导理论所知的有效领导者的品质
  • Evaluate personal leadership strengths they currently possess & areas for future personal growth
  • Demonstrate the ability to work effectively in groups & foster positive team dynamics

Ethical Behavior & Corporate Social Responsibility: Analyze ethical & corporate social responsibility issues in context & implement appropriate action(s)

  • 确定伦理,CSR或可持续发展案例/问题中的关键问题
  • 确定替代行动方案,遵守伦理,企业社会责任或可持续发展案例/问题
  • 从倍数视角来分析行动课程的含义
  • 推荐伦理,企业社会责任或可持续发展案例/问题的行动方案,明确指出推理

Business Skills & Knowledge: Explain, integrate & apply foundational business knowledge & skills to effectively lead & manage organizations.

  • Define, describe, & demonstrate foundational business skills & knowledge
  • Within a chosen concentration, define, describe, & demonstrate an intermediate knowledge level
  • Within a chosen concentration, apply analytical, & evaluative business skills & knowledge

International/Global: Demonstrate the achievement of a global perspective that views business activity within a complex & changing world context.

  • Analyze global issues/topics with clear & compelling reasoning
  • Analyze causes & contributing factors relevant to global issues/topics
  • 关于全球问题/主题分析社会的相关方面
  • 分析与全球问题/主题相关的可能业务解决方案

Informational Analysis & Application: Identify, access, analyze & synthesize appropriate business information.

  • Research & document an accurate, clear & comprehensive set of quantitate or qualitative data needed to understand & analyze business scenarios, develop forecasts, as well as identify appropriate courses of action.
  • Identity the most appropriate & effective set of tools & processes needed to analyze quantitative & qualitative data needed to address business scenarios, develop forecasts, as well as identify appropriate courses of action.
  • Develop a complete, well-organized, & professional analysis report (oral & written) that presents forecasts &/or an appropriate course of action (s) need to address business scenarios.

通讯 (Written & Oral):  Communicate effectively & create an environment where effective communication can occur.

  • 产生适当物质的通信
  • Organize compete & well-reasoned communications
  • 在不同的背景下提供适当的质量通信