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A Road to Freedom Alumni Finds Peace, Faith and Confidence

Road to Freedom Alumni Finding Peace Faith & Confidence

We are always grateful to hear back from Road to Freedom, (now Road to Freedom) alumni who have restored their lives and gained a new sense of freedom from addiction. After all, getting clean and sober is not as difficult as staying that way.

Recently, we received an email from a participant in the program who has discovered a new way to live. She no longer feels the need to rely on a chemical substance just to get through the day. Instead, she has found hope and healing through God’s powerful direction in her life.

Here is what she had to say about Road Less Traveled and her new, clean and sober life:

The Road Less Traveled program at the Treatment Center of the Palm Beaches not only saved my life but paved the way to live with more peace, joy, faith, confidence and hope that I ever thought possible.

I thank God everyday for the pastors and faith-based therapists who lead clients through that program, and there is no way I could ever express in words just how much I appreciate the beautiful ways they affected my life personally.

For me the most ideal, healthy, joy-filled and life-long lasting recovery combines not only medical treatment, therapy and a 12-step program but first and foremost Christianity and faith that God has the perfect plan for every single one of us if we only allow Him to lead the way.

The Road Less Traveled is just that – a unique, divinely-inspired recovery program like no other for which I give my absolute highest recommendation to anyone struggling with addiction &/or mental health issues.

Janet K.
Road Less Traveled Alumni
December 2011

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