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Achieve Sobriety with Christian Addiction Treatment

At The Road to Freedom, we combine faith-based principals with our addiction treatment to best serve our patients. If you’re struggling with sobriety, it’s time to see how a Christian addiction treatment center can help you. Drug and alcohol abuse is far too common in our society and getting treatment is the best way to overcome these addictions. With the help of our caring treatment center counselors, you will be able to receive the addiction treatment you need. Sobriety is possible, and it begins when you find the best Christian addiction treatment available.

What Programs are Offered at The Road to Freedom?

At The Road to Freedom, we believe that through addiction treatment and the power of God you can overcome your addiction. The struggles that accompany addiction can often lead one to stray from God and lose their faith. At our Christian addiction treatment center, you’ll be able to work with our counselors to fight your addiction and also restore your faith in God. The power of prayer and having faith in the Lord are two ways to give you strength as you work towards getting sober. A few of the many programs we offer to help our patients include:  

  • One-on-one counseling and therapy 
  • Group counseling and therapy
  • Holistic therapy programs 
  • Medical detox programs  
  • Aftercare treatment
  • Family workshops

When you visit a Christian addiction treatment center, your journey isn’t over once you complete treatment. Reintegrating back into society can be difficult for many patients, which is why we offer aftercare services to help you. Our aftercare services will give you the best chance of sustaining your sobriety. Just because you’re struggling with addiction doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around. It all begins when you see Christian addiction treatment and take full advantage of the programs we offer at The Road to Freedom.  

Your path to sobriety begins when you admit you need help and you decide you want to get sober. With the Christian addiction treatment, we offer at The Road to Freedom you can turn things around. Your addiction doesn’t define you. You can get the treatment you need when you come to The Road to Freedom. Call us today to get started and begin your recovery.  

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