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Activists Stop Plans Against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in LA

Petitioning against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in LA


Activists compiled a petition with over 50,000 signatures to protest the city’s plan to shut down dispensaries next week.

Currently, the city is investigating the signatures. If at least 27,425 signatures are legitimate, City Council must decide whether to repeal the ban on dispensaries or place the idea on the March, 2013 ballot to let voters decide.

City Council planned to shut down 1,000 medical marijuana dispensaries. In addition, the ban made provisions for allowing only groups of three or fewer marijuana patients to grow pot in their homes.

Gary Carver, a medical marijuana user, gave the following statement regarding plans to shut down dispensaries, “We understand and appreciate the need for strict rules and regulations regarding dispensaries. But the outright ban went too far, and will result in many sick and infirm patients suffering needlessly.”Mr. Carver was one of the 50,000 people who signed the petition to keep dispensaries legal in Los Angeles.

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