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Addiction Research: Study Finds Link Between Impulsivity And Alcohol

Addiction Research Study

A new addiction research study looked at the genetic links to impulsivity and problems with alcohol in men. The research found connections between impulsivity and a gene called NRXN3, that plays an important role in brain development and in how neurons function.

“Impulsivity is an important underlying mechanism in addiction,” said lead researcher Scott Stoltenberg, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. “Our finding that NRXN3 is part of the causal pathway toward addiction is an important step in identifying the underlying genetic architecture of this key personality trait.”

The connection between the NRXN3 and attentional impulsivity and between another NRXN3 variant and alcohol problems were stronger among men.

“We can’t really say what causes these patterns of association to be different in men and women. But our findings will be critical as we continue to improve our understanding of the pathways from specific genes to health risk behaviors.”

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