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Cheri Peter: Addicts Don’t Have to Hit Rock Bottom

A woman from Idaho had about one hundred middle and high school students listening to her every word. But Cheri Peters’ story was not a happy one that she shared with students at Shiloh Christian School in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Her story of addiction is not uncommon or special. What is different is that Peters made the decision to get healthy and Jesus Christ played an integral role in that endeavor. Peters began using drugs at twelve years of age. At 13, she was living on the streets on Los Angeles, where she indulged in drugs and its culture for the next ten years. When she had contemplated suicide, she knew she had hit rock bottom, but an essay written by her mother turned everything around for Peters.

“The things we think are going to destroy us sometimes are where we pull or most strength from,” Peters said.

Peters regained her life through recovery and the love of Jesus Christ. She then became a motivational speaker and her goal is to prevent young people from travelling down the same road she did many years ago.

“Instead of her experiences, she related the love of God,” said Shiloh junior Aaron Jordan.

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