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Affordable Care Act Helps Medicare and Medicaid Recipients

According to The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati, Medicaid or Medicare benefits for patients with mental illness will not be diminished under the new Affordable Care Act passed by President Obama.

At present, Medicare covers 100 percent of specific preventative care services. These services include depression screening. The period when a Medicare or Medicaid patient must pay 100 percent of drug costs will be eliminated.

Starting in 2012, patients will receive 50 percent off name-brand drugs and 14 percent off generics. Drug discounts will steadily rise every year until 2020 when patients ultimately will receive 75 percent off all drugs.

The “Money Follows the Person” program, which assists disabled Medicaid patients to transition out of state hospitals and nursing homes into their own home, will be extended until 2016.  These patients will receive the money they would have received from Medicaid to pay for their living facility to pay for extended care services in their own place of residence.

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