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Faith-Based Recovery: An Amazing Story of Survival

A woman from Joplin, Missouri has an amazing story of survival. Juliet Rose was born into a family struggling with addiction. At the age of 16, she went to Las Vegas and survived working as a prostitute. By the age of 32, Rose had three failed marriages behind her and two children who were removed from her custody. She became a “functioning addict” who made and used methamphetamine. By the time Rose was arrested for the ninth time on 11 felony charges, she realized that she needed to make a change in her life.

Her father had surrendered his life to Jesus Christ while he was serving time and prison and became a minister. He visited Rose in jail and posted her bond. The charges against her were ultimately dropped and Rose had a fresh start ahead of her.

She remembers praying a variation of the Sinner’s Prayer. “I’m sorry, God. If I have to serve you in prison or on the streets – whatever it takes – I’m gonna serve you,” Rose said. Today, Rose is set to graduate next year from Ozark Christian College and two years ago began Guiding Light Ministries, with the hope of helping heal the broken hearts of abused women.

Rose is thankful for the love of Jesus Christ and her new life. Her son, Theron, 15, and Brayden, 11, have since been returned to her and she is enjoying a full life free from addiction to drugs.

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