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Author Feels Obligation From God To Talk To Teens About Addiction

Ellen Hopkins wrote “Crank” as therapy. The mother was trying to understand why her 16-year-old daughter was lured by methamphetamine. “The drug made her fearless,” Hopkins said of her daughter Cristal. The addiction to methamphetamine caused her to serve two years in prison and complete four years of drug treatment. “Crank” was published in 2002 and remains a bestseller. It is used in drug treatment programs and as a teaching point in high school classes. Hopkins wrote two sequels, “Glass” and “Fallout” after the publication of “Crank”. The book is written from her daughter’s unique point of view, and is written in verse. Hopkins talks to other young people about Cristal’s experience. Her daughter is now clean but suffered brain damage and short-term memory loss from the years of methamphetamine use. “Kids think, ‘It’s my life, I can do whatever I want,'” said Hopkins. “Your life belongs to everyone who loves you.” Hopkins loves talking to young people about her daughter’s experience with drug addiction. “I want kids to know the truth. I feel like I have been given an opportunity, in a way, to minister. I feel like He’s speaking through me. Together we’re giving meaning to those years.”

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