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Battle for Recovery

A message from our Pastors in the Road to Freedom program:

We have often had portraits of Christmas forced upon us that are foreign to what the Bible really communicates. Try this: How many wise men came to visit the infant Jesus? Most will answer three, but the Bible only says that “wise men from the East” came to visit the infant Jesus. We have no idea how many. It is also commonly portrayed that when they visited, He was a newborn. According to the Bible, He was approximately two years old.

The most misunderstood picture of the Christmas story is when an Angel appears to the shepherds in the field and then the sky is filled with Angels. The scene has been developed for us so that we see in our minds eyes an image of white robed angels. They have blonde hair, broad wings and halos over their heads singing “glory to God in the highest.” This is vastly different from the description in the Bible.

In Luke 2, where this story is revealed, we are told that an Angel appeared to the shepherds in the field. This Angel was terrifying to behold. Why? Because Angels are good, holy, yet ferocious beings. They looked more like well seasoned warriors than white robed choir singers.  One Angel moved through the camp of the Assyrian army and killed 185,000 soldiers according to the Old Testament. No wonder the shepherds were frightened by the brilliance and appearance of this Angel.

After the Angel delivered his message regarding the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem, the Scriptures describe a powerful scene. The night sky was filled with these Angelic beings who are called heavenly “hosts.”  To reemphasize our earlier description we need to remember that the word “host” in our Greek New Testament is a military word. It is a word to describe an army of warriors, and the Scriptures do not suggest they were singing.  Instead, what the shepherds heard was a full-lunged, mighty victory cry! “Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth, peace, goodwill toward all men!”

Why is this important? Because the One born that day in Bethlehem was no mere child. He was escorted into this world by an army of Angelic warriors who were subject to Him as their Commander. Jesus is good, holy, and sinless, but make no mistake about it, He is a Warrior King. He established his beachhead in humanity that first Christmas morning so that He could fight for us and help us win our battles. When we surrender our wills and decisions over to Him, they are in the good care of powerful hands.

You are not alone in the battle for recovery. Jesus will fight for us and will move heaven and earth to accomplish His will for our lives.  And it is clearly His will for us to be sober and clean.  He is our powerful ally as we cooperate with Him.

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