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Binge Drinking Becoming Problem Among Adults

Binge Drinking Trend

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly three fourths of binge drinking episodes involve adults over the age of 26, and more than 30 million American adults binge drink on an average of four times a month.

“Before, what we looked at in alcohol research was alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse, but now we’re looking at something much more subtle and it’s called risk drinking,” said Dr. Daniel Bober, a psychiatrist and addiction specialist.

“Everyone is looking for an escape. Everyone is looking for a quick fix. They’re looking for a way to just tune out and not have to deal with life and have a different reality,” said Bober.

The problem, unfortunately, is that women suffer greater health consequences from binge drinking than men. Women have more fat and metabolize alcohol differently, they have an increased risk of developing alcohol-related diseases, including neurologic damage, liver disease, high blood pressure, and being more at risk to heart attacks and strokes.

“Additionally, in women, even one glass of wine increases the risk of breast cancer 10 percent for every glass of wine,” said Bober.


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