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Can I Go to A Christian Rehab If I Don’t Believe?

Many addicts who think about going to a Christian rehab do not believe in God, and therefore, wonder if they will feel excluded at a faith-based treatment center. The simple answer is no. While Christian rehabs strive to show addicts how faith in God can help them in their recovery from addiction, believing in God is not a prerequisite for being successful in treatment.

Can I go to a Christian rehab?

Although faith-based substance abuse treatment centers incorporate Biblical teachings into their daily routine, it is not forced down anyone’s throat, and addicts who do not believe in God should not feel uncomfortable. It is common, however, for non-believers at a Christian drug rehab to become curious about faith and slowly develop a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Addicts who are skeptical at first, gradually become immersed in the environment and come to understand that faith can set them free.

While belief in God will not happen for every addict that enters a Christian rehab center, many will come to recognize that spiritual health is just as important as physical and emotional health, and want to have a lifelong relationship with God. Anyone who chooses a faith-based treatment center should just go with an open mind and see what happens.

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