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Charlie Sheen in Denial Over His Addiction

The unbelievable rants and raves in television interviews from actor Charlie Sheen has concerned many addiction experts. They wonder if Sheen’s unpredictable statements and actions will deter others from seeking necessary treatment for their drug and alcohol addiction.
“I am on a drug – it’s called Charlie Sheen,” he said in a recent ABC News interview.
“I don’t believe myself to be an addict. I really don’t. I think that I just ignore or smash or finally dismiss a model that I think is rooted in vintage balderdash,” he said in another interview.
Dr. Vern Williams is an addiction specialist who believes that Sheen’s denials of his addiction are telling.
“That’s really what defines so much of what addiction is,” Williams said.
Williams says that drug and alcohol use can fundamentally change the chemistry of an addict’s brain.
“It keeps people who need help from being able to say, ‘help me’ because something’s not right. From their point of view, everything is fine.”

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