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Faith and Marriage: Christian Couples Addiction Treatment

couples addiction treatment

People have always found strength in one another. Our friends and family are our support systems through the hard times and the good, and many know that they can rely on those close to them for help in their time of need. One of the most important people in someone’s life is often their spouse. When we say “I Do”, it establishes a sacred bond between each spouse and God. Many of the traits we value in our personal relationships, like honesty or forgiveness, can be found in our relationship with God as well. 

Marriage is meant to be a fulfilling institution full of love and acceptance, but unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Some couples may struggle with addiction to drugs and alcohol which not only has a negative effect on their individual health but the health of the relationship as well. A strong bond between husband and wife is eroded by substance abuse, but thankfully The Treatment Center is committed to helping people rebuild their relationships with God and each other.

How Does Substance Abuse Hurt Relationships?

Drug and alcohol abuse comes in many forms. Some marriages may only see one person fall down the slippery slope of addiction. In other cases, married couples may enable and encourage the abuse for each. Even those who are truly committed and love one another can find that their relationship suffers when drugs and alcohol take over the primary focus. Couples may find that substance abuse is soon the only thing they enjoy doing together. When that’s the case, the relationship is no longer fulfilling or enriching. There is no growth or development. It’s simply a cycle of addiction involving two people rather than just one. 

What Are the Signs that Drug and Alcohol Abuse is Harming Your Relationship?

  • Substance abuse is a daily activity
  • Addiction is causing a financial strain
  • Your relationships with friends and family are suffering
  • You no longer do things together like go on dates or to church

There are many ways to improve yourself, but it takes a concerted effort from two people to fix a relationship. Couples routinely use encouragement and strength from one another to accomplish goals and that can work for addiction recovery as well. The Treatment Center is a wonderful option for any couple who have let their abuse harm their relationship with each other and with God. If you are looking for a way to save your relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ, a faith-based couples addiction treatment program can offer you hope for a better future. Call The Treatment Center today!

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