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Christian Recovery And Support Group Called Overcomes

Overcomes is a Christian recovery and support group that helps people get stronger through the love of Jesus Christ. The group is proud of providing a unique service to those who need it.

“Those who understand Him to be Jesus Christ may sometimes want to find people who think alike and seek out a place to go to base their recovery on Jesus,” said Mike Guillotte, a member of the group at Haven Baptist Church in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

The group meets at the church every week and currently has about 10 members who strive to beat their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

“If we come to Christ, He will help us overcome everything keeping us in bondage,” said Reverend Joseph Mendes. “He gives us peace and happiness.

Bible study and prayer are at the core of the Overcomes meetings. Both components help the members stay on track to enjoying their sobriety.

“God counsels them through the Word,” said Mendes. “One particular man was involved with heroin for 18 years, and the last two years he’s been clean. He comes to church, and he reads the Bible more than I do. Just one encounter with Jesus Christ gave him the inner strength to stop.”


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