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Christian Rehabs Vs. Mainstream Rehabs

Christian rehabs and Christian substance abuse treatment has experienced an increase in popularity among people suffering from addiction. Many people do not know much about the difference between faith-based and mainstream rehab programs. The differences are distinct.

Christian treatment acknowledges that the grace of Jesus Christ plays a significant role in healing the wounds that drug and alcohol addiction have created. It is not uncommon for addicts choosing a Christian programs to not have had much exposure to a faith community. Many addicts find their strength for the first time in Christ’s love and forgiveness.

Through pastoral counseling, seeking god in prayer, Bible study, individual and group therapy sessions, Christian treatment seeks to empower addicts to reclaim control of their lives. It is within every addict’s reach to embrace their faith and gradually restore their physical, emotional and spiritual health through prayer.  Fellowship with other Christian addicts in recovery offers hope for change.

The continued success of Christian programs can be attributed to the fact that healing comes from the powerful presence of Jesus Christ.  Many addicts find healing in the forgiveness of Christ. This is an immeasurable gift that results in freedom from addiction.

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