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Livingstone House: Addiction Treatment Center in England


Today, Sally Livingstone runs a Christian treatment center, the Livingstone House, in Birmingham, England and helps people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Years ago, Livingstone herself struggled with both drug and alcohol addiction.
“Addiction happens to people from all walks of life. I am one of those people who has addictive compulsive behaviors. I cannot have just one drink, I have to get drunk.”

After having four children, one of which was born addicted to heroin, Livingstone finally reached her rock bottom and sought treatment through a Christian program. She realized that the love of Jesus Christ was the only one she was going to regain control of her life again. She has been sober for more than 12 years.
“I received a lot of help and support from church people,” said Livingstone. “And I knew I wanted to help other people.”
Livingstone House was started back in 1999 and now has three residential centers with a Christian 12-step detox program. Livingstone is proud of the high success rate for the program. She has finally found her place in the world, free of drugs and alcohol.

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