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Christian Treatment Program Helps Drug Addicts

A Christian Treatment Program can help drug addicts thrive in recovery. After struggling with an addiction to heroin, Brandon Henak and Jesse Kiess are thankful to God for their fresh outlook on life. The two friends recently completed a Christian addiction treatment program at the Restoration Ministries in Chicago. “I started smoking weed in ninth grade and it went from there. I stopped playing sports and eventually dropped out of school. By the time I was 18, I was using cocaine,” Kiess said. Kiess soon began using oxycontin which developed quickly into an addiction to heroin. His friend, Brandon’s story, is not much different. The Restoration Ministries program gave both men the tools to reclaim their life and now they are mentoring to other addicts wishing to turn their lives around.

“It’s a Christian-based program that teaches men and women how to live without drugs through hard work, counseling, Bible studies and devotionals,” said Ray Banks, the executive director of Restoration Ministries.  The program is offered free to anyone wanting to receive treatment for their drug addiction.

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