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Church Attendance Part Of Substance Abuse Treatment

Fellowship, community and accountability are all crucial parts of the recovery process. According to research of Kendler, M.D., and Myers, M.S. from the American Psychiatric Association, church attendance is one of the most consistent predictors of abstinence from substance use.

The 2009 Study compared nearly 2,000 sets of twins for over six years and found that there was in inverse relationship between church attendance and substance use. They also found that the inverse relationship grew stronger over time. In other words as a persons church attendance became more consistent the less likely they were to abuse substances.

At the Treatment Center we model this through our daily classes involving praise and worship and teaching. We encouraging patients to become a part of a church once they leave our facility. This is another way our spirituality supports a patient’s sobriety.

Why encourage church attendance as part of comprehensive substance abuse treatment? A Pastor friend of mine once posed a question. “What happens to a sheep if it is left alone?” The simple answer is “It Dies”. We need each other. The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. “ Genesis 2:18

Pastor Philip Dvorak

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