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Victory Church Helps Men to Recover

Victory Outreach is a Christian organization with a church in the Docklands area of London. Victory Outreach also runs recovery homes in London, Birmingham and Manchester and are deeply involved in helping men and women conquer their drug and alcohol addictions and rebuild their lives.

“Churches don’t often know where to turn when they encounter individuals who are addicted to drugs or are trapped in a criminal lifestyle. Victory Outreach recovery homes provide a safe environment where people seeking a cure for their addictions can get help and support,” said senior pastor Robert Bragg.

“The Victory Outreach Recovery Home Program is very effective. Of the many individuals who complete the program, 80 percent will remain drug free. Whilst undergoing the program many individuals have also been touched by the Holy Spirit and become Christians. I know I was,” said Bragg.

Bragg was once a drug dealer and addict with a wife and family. He wanted to change his lifestyle and finally entered a Victory Outreach recovery home. He got clean and dedicated his life to Christ and became an ordained minister in 2005.

“Some of the people who attend Victory Outreach are like me, individuals who have powerful testimonies to share of how God delivered them from drug addictions, depression and lives that were just going nowhere. As a result of going through the Recovery Home Program there are individuals now living purposeful lives and making a positive contribution to society.”


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