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Closure Of Detox Unit Angers Local Community

Detox Closure

An inexplicable two week closure of the detoxification unit at a hospital in Nova Scotia, Canada, has people in the community concerned that addicts will not get the treatment they need. “They’re basically taking the addicts little last scrap of hope. Addicts don’t go on vacation for two weeks,” said Amy Graves, the spokeswoman for Get Prescription Drugs Off The Street, a local drug treatment advocacy organization. The hospital unit is the only detox program available to prescription drug addicts in the area with less than a five-day waiting list. Despite the socialized medicine system of Canada, addicts have months-long waits for admission into a detoxification and treatment program. “It’s the first stage to getting clean,” Graves said. “Detox isn’t classified as an effective treatment, but right now, it’s the only thing we have. To shut that down is just insane in my mind.”

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