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Congress Passes Synthetic Drug Abuse Bill

Synthetic Drug Abuse Bill

The United States passed a bill this week that will outlaw synthetic drugs. The Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act would federally ban such drugs as bath salts and synthetic marijuana if signed by President Obama.

Co-sponsor of the bill, Senator Rob Portman of Ohio said, “Widely available and easy to purchase synthetic drugs have taken a dangerous toll on American families and communities. My amendment to ban these drugs at the federal level will better enable federal and state authorities to combat this growing epidemic,”

Senator Portman first introduced an amendment to a Senate Food and Drug Administration bill to ban synthetic drugs in May, 2012. Because synthetic drugs are readily available online, the bill specifically banned both online and storefront retail sales of the substances.

The most frequently used synthetic drug in America is synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as “spice.” In December, the National Institute on Drug Abuse released data that confirmed one in nine high school seniors had used “Spice” or “K2” over the past year.

Across the nation, poison control centers have cited an increase in emergency calls associated with the use of synthetic substances. The Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act of 2012 hopes to halt the momentum of the growing synthetic drug abuse problem in the United States.

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