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Creating A Support System For Musicians Struggling With Addiction

An addiction counselor in Fort Collins, Colorado, has started raising awareness of drug and alcohol addiction in the music community. Marty J. Rein is a former addict and driven to help others struggling with substance abuse. Rein believes the issue should be highlighted, especially in the wake of Amy Winehouse’s tragic death in London at the young age of 27. “It’s a tragic loss, and people who are struggling need to know that it’s okay to ask for help,” Rein said of Winehouse’s death. Rein volunteers with the MusiCares Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles that gives support for people in the music industry, both people on stage and behind the scenes, who are grappling with drug and alcohol abuse. The organization promotes “Safe Harbor Rooms” at local music festivals for musicians to relax without having access to or the temptation of drugs and alcohol. “Peer pressure is one of the most influencing factors in people continuing their addictions. For me, I couldn’t imagine how I would play and not have drugs and alcohol without losing my creativity. I think that’s what keeps a lot of musicians from getting help.”



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