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Drive Through Liquor Stores Get Attention

Drive-Through Liquor Stores

Ever wonder why drinking and driving is illegal, yet package stores sell alcohol in certain locations via drive-through windows? Certain states, such as Texas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland and Tennessee allow drivers and passengers to buy beer and wine at stores without ever stepping out of their vehicles. Recently, drive-through liquor stores have been receiving attention.

In Louisiana, drivers can purchase mixed cocktails via drive-up windows. Some of these drinks contain alcohol content up to 190 proof. State law prohibits taking a drink, removing the lid on the cup, or putting a straw through the top of the lid while on the road.

Jim Withers is the President of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He believes drive- through alcohol sales promote drunk driving. “It gives the opportunity for many more people to be on the road driving impaired,” Withers said.

Apparently, some local authorities agree with Mr. Withers. Due to the amount of deaths and traffic accidents caused by alcohol consumption, many cities are outlawing drive-through alcohol sales. Rantoul, Illinois banned drive through alcohol sales recently. Waterloo, Iowa city council is considering an identical ban. These cities are concerned about the message being sent by drive-through liquor stores.

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