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Drug Abuse Reduces Life Expectancy For 2nd Consecutive Year 

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The National Center for Health Statistics released a troubling report in which the life expectancy for Americans is down once again this year and rates of drug abuse was a major reason why. A newborn can expect to survive 78.6 years, down a month from last year and two months the year before that. While there are a number of factors which play into life expectancy calculations, it’s clear that the number of overdose deaths attributed to opiate abuse played a role in the new numbers. As life expectancy had risen in the previous two decades, the trend is a stark departure from the health wellness improvements we’ve made as a whole. In fact, nearly 30 countries across the globe have life expectancies of more than 80 years according to the World Health Organization.

How Does Addiction Affect Health?

The cause for the drop has a lot to do with the increase in death among those under 65 years old. Many of those deaths stem from drug abuse, opiate-based drugs like heroin and fentanyl in particular. Premature deaths are tragic, but even more so when they are due to entirely preventable mistakes. One of the best ways we can prevent premature death due to a drug overdose is to improve education and recovery options for those who struggle with addiction. The Treatment Center is dedicated to helping those in need reach their sober goals. Our programs are safe and effective, meaning residents feel comfortable and motivated as they take steps to turn things around.  

Our focus on faith-based treatments assists those who have let their love of God fade in favor of drug or alcohol abuse. God’s strength and forgiveness is a powerful force for someone who has strayed from the righteous path. Our methodology takes the teachings we’ve learned from Jesus himself in scripture and applies them to an individual’s problems with drugs and alcohol. Our programs follow strict clinical guidelines using traditional addiction treatment techniques alongside our faith-based treatments for the most effective results.

Find Help Today! 

Our mission is to help you get sober, no matter what your situation may be. There’s no need to struggle under the dark cloud of addiction any longer when there is hope for recovery. Don’t let yourself become a part of these troubling statistics, get the help you need as soon as possible. The Treatment Center is here to help you get back into God’s good graces so you can live a happy and healthy life. Call today and learn more!  

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