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Drug Companies Working Hard To Find Ways To Curb Abuse

Those who attended this week’s National Rx Drug Abuse Summit in Orlando focused on how to stem the tide of prescription drug abuse in the United States, but drug companies and scientists continued their efforts to make the most abused drugs “unabusable.” According to Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute of Drug Abuse, reformulating commonly abused drugs in novel ways that reduce abuse needs to be part of the solution. Many pharmaceutical companies have already made progress. Two years ago, Purdue Pharma released a new version of the painkiller oxycodone that defies crushing and cutting, common ways abusers tamper with the prescription drug to enhance its effect.: “It’s still a tablet. We’ve just made it harder to misuse and abuse, by making it much more difficult to prepare for snorting or injecting,” said Libby Holman, spokeswoman for Purdue Pharma. Other pharmaceutical companies are diligently working to find ways to prevent abuse and death from prescription drug overdoses. “We won’t change human nature by mixing a few ingredients into our tablets. But if we make some headway, we can keep people out of the hospital and out of the morgue. This is the right thing to do,” said Bob Jones, CEO of Acura Pharmaceuticals.

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