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Drug Court Graduates Eight People In Tennessee

Holly Sharpe is proud to be one of eight people graduating from a drug court program in Tennessee. The program was created in 2002 as an alternative for nonviolent offenders wishing to turn their lives around. The participants in the program must commit two years to inpatient therapy, group meeting and other requirements that will help them conquer their addiction. “We don’t have the expectation that everyone comes into the program as eager as Holly,” said Marianne Schoer, the director of Drug Court. There are 40 people enrolled in the program today and during the past six months only a few have not completed the program. Holly is grateful that she has beat her addiction to prescription pain pills. Her recovery was slow, but she is thankful to have another chance. “I stopped counting. I was just pouring them [the pills] in my hand and swallowing them.”

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