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Drug Detox Program Proud Of Its Community Reputation

The Charlford House in Burnaby, British Columbia is a special place. The drug detox program is deservedly proud of its positive reputation in the community. “Our program is traditionally based, rooted in 12 step program which is 76 years old this year. And there’s a reason it’s successful,” said Trish LaNauze, executive director of Charlford House. Charlford House had humble beginnings 41 years ago. It was started by Thelma McPherson, a recovering addict, who started by bringing women struggling with drug and alcohol addiction into her home. She soon outgrew her home, and moved into the current location. Since that time, more than 1,500 women have been helped by the drug detox program. “There’s a spiritual bond between 15 people who otherwise would never be friends. They are each other’s best support because when they first come here the only thing they have to change is everything,” LaNauze said.

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