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Drug Program Helps Create Strong Support System

Ed King has seen many sides to addiction in his role as the assistant pastor at the Paxton Church of Christ and as an addiction counselor at the Prairie Center in Urbana, Illinois.

“I think people have to realize that what they’re doing up to this point really hasn’t been working for them,” King said. “A lot of times we’ll use the phrase, ‘How’s that been working for you?’”

Their answer is usually an expected one, said Vicki Moss, another addiction counselor at the Prairie Center.

“Addction is so powerful, and it has such a grasp on them, it’s like, ‘I don’t care about the consequences,’” Moss said.

The Drug Court program in nearby Champaign County has helped to create a beneficial support network that will help addicts face their problems. King and Moss hope that a start-up Drug Court program in Ford County, where the Prairie Center is located, will work the same way for people struggling with the consequences of drug addiction.

“Drug Court has helped in Champaign County to get to the root causes of crimes, and it starts to change people’s attitudes and behavior so they’re not just doing the same thing over and over and over again,” King said.

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