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Elijah Family Homes Transitional Housing Program

Alisha Bryans is a success story. The 33-year-old from Kennewick, Washington has completed three years in a Christian drug treatment program. The Elijah Family Homes transitional housing program allowed Bryans to slowly rebuild her life and her relationships. She is now happily married and has a steady job and a drivers license once again.

Bryans started using methamphetamine at age 14. Along the way, she married and had children. After three felony convictions and many times in jail on drug charges, Bryans decided that the time had come to get clean and sober. That was more than four years ago and Bryans is enjoying her life once again.

The program serves those with a history of drug abuse. Tenants in the homes must either be in or have completed a treatment program. They must agree to undergo random drug tests while living in one of the homes.

The graduation of the first group of families reinforces the idea that the program is a successful one.

“It’s a good model. It’s tested,” said Richard Nordgren, the executive director.


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