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Energy Drinks and Alcohol: New Research Shows Correlation

Energy Drinks and Alcohol

New research has proved that excessive use of energy drinks is strongly connected with an increased risk of heavy drinking. Heavy use of energy drinks can also increase the likelihood of developing a dependence to alcohol. Read more about energy drinks and alcohol.

College students often depend on energy drinks to keep them awake and alert during long study sessions. Many college students are drinking both energy drinks and alcohol at the same time. This is a dangerous combination. People who frequently use energy drinks were at a significantly higher risk for the development of a dependence on alcohol. They also have a propensity to participate in episodes of heavy consumption of alcohol.

“We were able to examine if energy drink use was still associated with alcohol dependence, after controlling for risk-taking characteristics,” said Amelia M. Arria, the lead author of the research study. “The relationship persisted and the use of energy drinks was found to be associated with an increase in the risk of alcohol dependence.”

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