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Prescription Drug Epidemic in High Schools

It has been reported that twenty percent of students in high school have abused prescription drugs. The prescription drug epidemic has posed a challenge for law enforcement and school officials, as well as for parents.

It is important to know how to dispose of unused prescription drugs, so as to minimize the chances of abuse by your child or their friends. Many communities around the United States have initiated take back programs, some even designating entire days to safely ridding medicine cabinets of the prescription drugs. Many pharmacies will take back unused prescription drugs, no questions asked. For participating pharmacies, visit . Many pills can be mixed into coffee grounds or cat litter, then thrown away with the rest of the household garbage in a tightly sealed plastic bag. Some pills can be flushed down the toilet, but check before you do to make sure this will not harm your plumbing. For more information on safe disposal of prescription drugs, visit




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