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Everyone Should Be Quick To Listen

A Word From Pastor Phil.

Who should be quick to listen? Everyone.

I’m a counselor and a pastor. I should be a great listener, right? Not if you ask my wife. I truly struggle to focus and just listen to her and listen to our children.

But, as essential a skill as listening to my wife may be, it’s even more important to learn to listen to God.

In 1 Kings 19, there’s a powerful story about a prophet named Elijah. Elijah has escaped from the evil Jezebel, made it to a mountain, the mountain of God, and he has decided to spend the night there in a cave. And Elijah was feeling a bit sorry for himself. So God told him to go outside of the cave. And there was a great wind, a wind that was so powerful that it even split the rocks on the mountain. Elijah must have looked at that amazing display of power and thought, “Wow! God must be in that wind.” But it tells us that God wasn’t in the wind. And then there was an earthquake, and probably a whole bunch more rocks broke away from the mountain. And probably after that powerful demonstration, Elijah thought, “God must have been in that.” But it tells us that God wasn’t in the earthquake either. Then there was a fire. And if you’ve ever seen a big fire at night, you’ll know that they are spectacular. And as Elijah looked at this spectacular fire, he must have thought, “Surely God is in this fire!” But it tells us that God wasn’t in the fire either.

Then Elijah heard a still small voice; and that still small voice was God speaking to him.

The God of all power, the God who, with a word, created the heavens and the earth, the all-knowing, all powerful, kings of kings and lord of lords, simply speaks in a whisper.

He doesn’t shout; He doesn’t roar; He speaks in a still small voice.

Let’s all try to listen to the still, small voice of God.

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