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Frontline Foundations’ Art Recovery Program: Faith-Based Treatment

Frontline Foundations’ Art Recovery Program is part of a 12-week substance abuse program in northwest Indiana. It is the only faith-based treatment program for 18 to 28 year olds in Porter County. The program is free and open to patients who complete the treatment program.

“I’m 20 months clean,” said painter and sculptor Ryan. “It’s crazy. I have my own place. I have vehicles. I’m a subcontractor carpenter, working for myself.”

Ryan is a recovering heroin addict and proud of his work at Frontline. He has completed a metal and wood sculpture that has received much admiration. For those in recovery, creating art helps fill their new healthy lives. Frontline has the support of the local community, including almost 25 churches in the area. It combines Christian values with standard treatment. Three quarters of the program’s clients are men and ninety percent were referred by the court system.

“Our average relapse rate is about 33 percent while the national rate for opiate relapse is 70 to 90 percent,” said Frontline founder Amber Hensell.

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