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Faith-Based Solutions To Relapse Triggers

Anyone who has walked a path of recovery for any period of time knows that the challenges don’t end once we become clean and sober. Life continues to happen. Everyone is bound to face situations that make using or drinking seem appealing. Being prepared for these challenges can make the difference between relapse and continued success in recovery.

We are told in early recovery to be aware of the people, places and things with which we surround ourselves. However, three of the primary triggers for relapse are normal life issues. No matter how careful we are, we must deal with relationships, finances, and stress. They are a part of everyone’s life. Fortunately, as Christians, we have a faith that makes dealing with these triggers in a healthy way possible.

Faith-Based Solutions

Relationships, finances and the stress caused by the demands of life don’t have to become stumbling blocks. All three of them have one thing in common – they can bring up feelings of fear. We know that faith and fear cannot exist in the same place. If we believe that God is in control and we trust in his goodness, our fear will disappear.

The solution to each of these triggers is to immediately turn them over to God. We cannot spend any time trying to force the outcome we desire as this only feeds our fear. Our God is bigger than any problem we are facing. When we turn to God with faith and refuse to rely on our own understanding, we remove the power that fear has in our lives. The fear that made using seem like a good solution no longer drives our thoughts and decisions.

Be prepared to face problems in faith as they arise. God promises us that he will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear. With Faith in Christ, we can trust in His promise and not run from fear any longer.

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