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Faith Diaries: Faith & Recovery, Lindsay

Faith & Recovery: Lindsay tells her story of addiction

Faith & Recovery: Lindsay’s Story

A few years ago, Lindsay’s addiction took a pivotal turn when she transitioned from opiates to heroin. It wasn’t long before her life began to unravel. She quickly flunked out of school and lost her scholarship.

Lindsay knew she needed to make a change in her life. So, she tried to quit heroin “cold turkey” and that didn’t work. She tried an all-natural detox and that also didn’t work. She tried taking Suboxone and that didn’t work either.

Finding Faith & Recovery

Then one fateful night Lindsay went online and began chatting with an admissions counselor from The Treatment Center. That admissions counselor was eager to help Lindsay and calm her down. After chatting with this person, Lindsay decided to join the Road to Freedom program at The Treatment Center. She felt that the Christian-based treatment program would allow her to reconnect with Jesus.

To find out how the Road to Freedom program gave Lindsay faith & recovery tools that changed her life,and that she is still using today, watch the video below.

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