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Famed Plastic Surgeon Rebuilds Life After Addiction

Dr. Lori Hansen has conquered her addiction to prescription drugs. The successful plastic surgeon recently won an award for the best facelift and brow lift in the country. But her life has been filled with an overwhelming struggle. After a few car accidents that resulted in an addiction to pain pills, Hansen was at a low point. She often stole samples from the cabinet in her medical office or wrote her own prescriptions just to get through the day. “I knew that wasn’t right. I just didn’t know what else to do. I had all these responsibilities, and I though in order to do what people expect you do, you’ve got to finish your day,” Hansen said. After admitting her addiction to her husband and her staff, Hansen received a five year probation with the Oklahoma Board of Medical Licensure and Supervision. She surrendered her medical license in 2006 to avoid prosecution on a noncriminal probation violation. She is still on indefinite probation. “The medical board is still overseeing my recovery,” said Hansen. Hansen is now fully licensed and continues in active recovery. She is thankful to her Christian faith for another chance with her career and her family. “If the Lord gave me this path to walk, He did so for a reason. I want to honor Him by giving Him glory for getting me through it.”

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