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Feds Implement Prescription Drug Monitoring Program For Doctors

Drug Monitoring Program

American Medical News recently reported that the federal government has initiated two pilot programs intended to make using a prescription drug monitoring program easier for physicians to use.

The monitoring program consists of a database where known drug abusers and doctor shoppers are listed. Doctors can access the database and refuse to fill a prescription to anyone suspected of using illegal or unethical means to gain prescription pills.

The federal government hopes that by making the database easier to use, more physicians will access the information to curb prescription drug abuse.

49 states have approved drug monitoring programs, thus far. 43 states have databases already operational. Most of the states do not require the doctors to use the system, but they encourage it.

Some doctors believe researching the database disrupts their workflow throughout the day. However, many doctors view the system as encouraging, considering the amount of prescription drug abuse currently affecting the legal and healthcare systems in the United States.

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