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Finding Fulfillment

Khalil Gibran, a famous Lebanese poet who lived and died in Boston, once wrote, “In the spirit of each lies the spirit of my existence.” Some words stand on their own, when spoken or written, like hate; others need the help of the senses to convey the meaning like love. The point is simple show and tell people that you love them.

It raises a radical, soul-searching question, as relevant today, as when posed 2,000 years ago by Jesus the Teacher: “What does it profit a person to gain the whole world, and lose himself in the process?” The implications of this question and its answer are frightening – NOTHING, that’s right no-thing. In fact, there are many cautions to be heeded from the question, because the answer suggests a person does any-thing to get every-thing, and in the end acquires nothing. Therefore, every-thing equals no-thing.

What is really being said here is, if we live a lifestyle that lusts for material things outside us, like possessions, glamour, position and authority, to find meaning and significance which are spiritual things, then we will lose ourselves in the chase. For material things cannot satisfy our immense longing and hunger for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. None of the things of the world we seek nor all our doing will not give us the worth and value we desire as persons. Worse yet, excessive doing or addictions can cause us to lose ourselves and every person important to us. For the only thing that really matters and endures is our significance which needs ‘no-thing. How strange this is!

Following the example of Jesus, a great lover of humanity, let us strive to make our lives more purposeful, meaningful and mission-driven. Remember our worth is not determined by the things we accomplish or acquire, but by the quality of our relationships and service to others.

In loving memory of Father Ron Beshara

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