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Fishers of Men

Dr. Bianchini explains how Simon and Peter became fishers of men. Daunted by their quest to find more fish, the two men couldn’t see how their efforts to catch fish were working. However, a blessing from God was bestowed upon them but they were met with a choice to stay where they were or leave everything behind and begin a new journey.

In this video, “Fishers of Men”, Dr. Adam Bianchini, the director medicine for the Road to Freedom program, explains how easy it is to believe you are unworthy of your blessings because of past sin and shame from addiction. However, sometimes life comes down to making an important decision such as Simon and Peter.

Addiction recovery aims to help you in the present moment and leave the past behind. To find out how a Christian rehab center can help you turn your life around, watch the video below.

The Road to Freedom is a faith-based recovery program that offers spiritual guidance. To learn more, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Call us today at (844)402-3605, our admissions counselors are available to answer your questions 24 /7.

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