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Ray Lucas: Former NFL Player Enjoying His Recovery

Former NFL quarterback Ray Lucas is a recovering addict. And he’s fine with that.
“I live day by day and one day at a time,” Ray Lucas said. “I still have a lot of pain that I deal with, but I relish in the fact that sometimes you’ve got to walk through hell to get to heaven.”
Lucas is now enjoying his recovery and being the husband and father he wanted to be for so long. His wife and three daughters are loving every minute along with him.
“I’m living a dream now, and it’s a far cry from where I was before.”
Lucas struggled for years with an addiction to prescription painkillers. He now shares his story as a cautionary tale to NFL rookies and veterans – and to help people struggling with their own addictions. Ray Lucas is telling addicts about a new website – The website offers people the opportunity to find physicians who specialize in dealing with opioid addictions for discreet office visits, rather than a long stay in a drug treatment center.

“The hardest thing for an addict to do is ask for help. We don’t want anybody to know who we are or what we think we are. It’s, ‘I’m ashamed of myself,’ or, ‘I’m embarrassed.’ For stuff like this website to come out, it’s game-changing for people who suffer from addiction.”


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