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Former Oklahoma State Basketball Coach Talks About Drug Addiction

Sean Sutton would not trade his experience with prescription drug addiction, nor his arrest. He hit his own rock bottom, and is thankful for a second chance at life, despite the struggles. “It was a horrible experience,” said Sutton. “I went through a lot. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise that shook me out of my comfort zone. I realized there wasn’t a chance (to kick the addiction) on my own. I embarrassed myself and my family. It was probably the best thing for me.” Sutton is the former Oklahoma State University coach of the men’s basketball team. In February of 2010, Sutton was arrested on suspicion of picking up a drug shipment in another’s person’s name. He was then sentenced to three years of probation. Sutton agreed to admit his prescription drug addiction, enter a drug treatment center and promised to be cleared of any felony conviction if he remained clean and sober until Aug. 9, 2013. Last week, the charges were dropped against Sutton and his criminal record was permanently expunged. Now he talks to other people about the dangers of prescription drug addiction. “Nobody can win the battle of addiction by themselves. It’s impossible, a losing cause. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.”



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