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Four-Year-Old Brings Nine Bags Of Marijuana To School

A four-year-old boy brought nine bags of marijuana to Hanover Elementary School in Meridien, Connecticut. The boy took them out of his backpack and showed them to his friends during snack time. A teacher alerted police to the bags of marijuana. Detective Lt. Mark Walerysiak said that the child gave the bags to his teachers, not knowing what the contents were.

“The case remains under investigation,” Walerysiak said. The Department of Children and Families “was called in to also conduct an investigation.”

The school superintendent said that the event was an “isolated incident.”

“Our concern is for the four-year-old student who had no knowledge of what he was bringing to school. The student is safe and we will continue to ensure a safe learning environment to all of our students,” said Superintendent Mark D. Benigni.

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