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Free Women’s Treatment Center in Vienna, Ohio

Hannah’s House is a faith-based substance abuse treatment center for women in Vienna, Ohio. It is a free women’s treatment center that helps to restore hope in women’s lives.  It is making a difference in restoring normalcy to lives that were shattered by drug and alcohol addiction. With the love of Jesus Christ, women are rebuilding their lives.
“When you’re in addiction, your life basically revolves around that addiction. So when you wake up, you feel like you have to use the drug,” said Michele Beauchene, the director of Hannah’s House.
“You don’t care if you have a job. You don’t care if your kids need to get up for school. A lot of times, the drug just takes over, and you don’t understand what it is to have structure to have rules.”
Hannah’s House helps women free of charge. The center began in October of 2009 and funds for the center come from donations and from a local Christian ministry.
“We teach them different skills to practice when they are having a bad day or craving that drug, like teaching them how to have fun without drugs or alcohol.”







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The Treatment Center has been awarded
the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.