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From Darkness To Light

By abusing drugs and alcohol, a Christian is contradicting his own belief system—that God is all one needs to survive. God, after all, is the only source a Christian must depend on. An addict is dependent upon chemical substances, which in turn, become false idols. Without even realizing how the evil one has manifested himself in the mind of the addict, he has already convinced the drug user that drugs are all they need to propel them through the day.

As a result, the addict takes on the characteristics of the entity who deceives. The addict lies, cheats, steals, breaks commandments, and hides from his or her true self, all in an effort to protect his reverence for the false idol—the drug.

Moving from darkness into light is a process. This process requires the help of fellow believers to overpower the entity who is out to destroy the Christian addict. This power can be found in Christian drug rehabs, in local churches, or in Christian outreach centers who desire only to shine the light of Christ upon the addict until the evil one recognizes that he is no match for God’s truth. The true believer, after all, will recognize the light as his true source and the deception will become clear because the darkness begins to fade to allow this clarity.

At this point, God’s grace will be recognizable, as having always been there for the believer. God’s plan of salvation will have unfolded before the addict’s eyes. The Christian addict will understand that the Church that he or she belongs to is a refuge where no one person stands alone.

When the grace, or “undeserved favor of God”, rests in this suffering addict, he or she will then proceed to renew his or her mind. It is this renewal of the mind that Paul offers as a demonstration of the faith by which men and women are saved. This renewal, therefore, leads a person to live in light, where Faith with Works becomes a natural demonstration of the believer’s gratitude for God’s gift of grace.

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