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What is God’s Plan for Me?

god's plan


Addiction recovery is never an easy task, even for those who are devoted to getting sober. People in early stages of recovery usually feel a wide range of emotions, like guilt, regret, and fear. This is especially true for Christians in recovery who think that they’ve fallen out of God’s good graces.

If you are a Christian in recovery, you may feel weighted down by the wrongs you committed in addiction. You may even feel as though you’re no longer worthy of God’s love because of your sins. However, it’s important to remember that addiction by its very nature is a disease of the mind and body— and disease is not a sin. God has a plan for everyone, even those in recovery. By rekindling your connection with a higher power in your recovery, you can gain a better understanding of what God’s plan is for you.

God’s Plan According to the Scripture

Christianity is faith that goes beyond religion— it encourages building a relationship with God. Merely wanting to know God’s plan is not enough. Before God reveals His plan for you, you must recommit yourself not only to Him but to yourself as well. The scripture passages listed below are disciplines that can help you throughout your recovery and provide insight into what God has planned for you going forward.

god's plan 1

Losing faith during addiction can be is astoundingly easy. Addiction is a disease that wears away at not only your physical health but your mental, emotional and spiritual health as well. It drives a wedge in all of your relationships— but none more, perhaps, than your relationship with God.

During your struggles, you might have even wondered if God heard your prayers for help. Yes, He was listening; and even more so, He was suffering with you. To easing this suffering, you can confess your wrongdoings and make amends with anyone your addiction might have hurt. By doing this, you’ll show humility and sincerity in your devotion to yourself, to your health, and most importantly, to God.

god's plan 2

The notion of this particular scripture is a simple one that everyone can appreciate: we are human. Feeling things like guilt and regret is natural, especially in the early stages of recovery, but don’t let yourself feel shame for being human.

God may have made us in His image, but He did not make us perfect. As human beings, we were made to make mistakes, to grow, and learn; and this is something that you should take to heart during your recovery. By putting your faith in God and in people who care about you and your wellbeing, there isn’t anything you can’t conquer— even addiction.

god's plan 3

This is a notion of addiction recovery that everyone should follow. Poor company (and the peer pressure that comes with it) is one of the most influential reasons why people develop addiction in the first place. By surrounding yourself with good people during your recovery, and by cutting ties with people who tempt you to do wrong, you’ll be setting yourself on the right path toward being the best you can be— and also toward God’s ultimate plan for you.

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Others in recovery will tell you that when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way out is up. This positive mindset is perfectly captured in this passage of the Bible. After all, even in addiction, you have to remember that making mistakes necessitates personal growth. We all fall sometimes; getting back up and learning not to trip again is what’s important— and it’s what God wants for you.

god's plan 5

Rather than looking back on your addiction as a moral failing, look to the future and focus on your recovery. Use it as an opportunity to reconnect with God and show Him your strength. Recovery may take time, but with help from others, you’ll make progress in your sobriety. This is undoubtedly a significant part of God’s plan for you.

god's plan 6

This is perhaps the most valuable lesson you can take away from your experiences with addiction. It’s arguably also the hardest part of recovery. Even if you take pleasure in pleasing others, that doesn’t mean you have an obligation to answer everything asked of you with a “yes.” It’s probably how you got addicted in the first place. Learning to set boundaries and say “no” when something threatens your health will help you stay sober. If you find yourself tempted to return to bad habits, you can turn to God for guidance. He will keep you on the right path.

God Forgives You

In all his mercy and understanding, God will forgive you for the sins you committed during your addiction. Remember, addiction is a disease, and you were not your true self when it took hold of you. By showing repentance, you are showing God that you not only regret your sins but that you recognize them as being such. For that, you’ll have His forgiveness, but also remember that His love never left you. 

Embrace God’s Plan for You with Help from Road to Freedom

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