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Greek Economic Crisis Causing Mental Illness And Substance Abuse?

Crisis Causing Mental Illness and Substance Abuse?

The economic crisis in Greece has been in the headlines, and has resulted in some heartbreaking news. There have been thousands of attempted suicides and cases of mental illness, including depression, alcohol and drug abuse and anxiety disorder. The risk is that if and when Greece’s economic troubles are resolved, a legacy of mental illness and substance abuse will remain in a country unable to provide help for those who are suffering.

“Austerity can turn a crisis into an epidemic,” said David Strickler, a sociologist at Cambridge University. “Job loss can lead to an accumulation of risks that can tip people into depression and severe mental illness which can be difficult to reverse – especially if people are not getting appropriate care.”

The stress of the economic crisis is troubling to many mental health and addiction experts, who fear that a bankrupt country will be in turmoil for decades to come.

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